April 23rd – Motion of non-confidence update


Out of Order

Over 200 signatures accompanied the AHCS-GSA motion of non-confidence in Dean Manfredi as presented to this week’s meetings of the Faculty of Arts (Deans, Associate Deans, and Chairs) and Senate. Each representative received a paper copy of the motion and signatures; however, Dean Manfredi was absent from both meetings. Outside of Senate, the Principal also accepted a copy of the motion and signatures.

The response was mixed, some attendees commented that they were appreciative of our effort and concern while others suggested they are satisfied with the PPP process and plan. Most simply took the motion and said thank you. As for the effect of the motion, which was not on the agenda of either meeting, one Senator suggested this action of handing out nearly a hundred copies of the motion and signatures could “have a greater impact” than actually getting the motion on the agenda.

To view the motion and signatures: http://wp.me/p46QbM-2A

The next update will be presented at the May Day Solidarity Rally taking place on Thursday, May 1. The event starts at noon in Community Square in front of James Administration Building.

April 2nd – Motion of non-confidence in Dean Manfredi

The Art History and Communication Studies-Graduate Students Association (AHCS-GSA) is collecting signatures in support of their unanimously adopted General Assembly motion of non-confidence in the Faculty of Arts Dean Christopher Manfredi for his leadership around the PPP.


1) Read the motion and add your signature, CLICK HERE;

2) Print forms to gather signatures in-person, CLICK HERE;

3) Help spread the word by putting up a poster: PPP_Posters(Sig) or circulating this article published in the Daily: Why we have no confidence in the Dean.

Signatures will be collected until Noon on April 22. Everyone is welcome to join in the delivery of the motion and signatures to the Faculty of Arts Chairs and Directors meeting on April 22 and to Senate on April 23.

Feb. 19thLetter to Principal Fortier

On Wednesday, Feb. 19th, we handed a copy of our letter to Principal Fortier and passed out 100 copies to McGill Senators. We are awaiting any response.

Feb. 18-19 – Protest the anti-democratic PPP outside of the Faculty of Arts & Senate meetings

We call all students, faculty, and staff in the 13 departments affected by the PPP, and from across campus, to demonstrate your concern and solidarity. Join us outside of the Faculty of Arts meeting in Arts 160 on Tuesday, February 18, at 2:40pm (the meeting starts at 3:00pm). And again outside of the Senate meeting in Leacock 232 on Wednesday, February 19, at 2:10pm (the meeting starts at 2:30pm). See Upcoming Actions for more informaiton.

Help stop the displacement and overwork of our academic support staff:

1. Read SOS-McGill’s reply to Dean Manfredi in The Daily and attend the AUS Town Hall on Jan. 22, 5:30pm in Leacock 219, with the Dean and Associate Deans, express your concerns;

2. Talk with your support staff, faculty, Chair and fellow students;

3. Keep signing the open letter in the McGill Daily via this form;

4. Ask your association to pass a motion of support for this campaign, see sample motion;

5. Find us on Facebook & Twitter.

Check out updates from the Jan 14 Town Hall & photos from the Dec 5th Art Action.

More to come!



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