Non-confidence motion


WHEREAS the Dean of Arts has proposed the People, Processes & Partnerships (PPP) initiative to solve real problems related to the delivery of administrative support services in the Faculty of Arts in a context of increased understaffing due to budget cuts;

WHEREAS faculty members, staff and students nevertheless have repeatedly expressed extensive reservations about the PPP initiative;

WHEREAS it has not been conclusively demonstrated that the clustering of core support staff and/or their removal from departments will produce efficiencies and reduce costs;

WHEREAS the location of dedicated support staff in departments is crucial for fulfilling departments’ responsibilities concerning teaching, research, advising and service to students;

WHEREAS measures such as those proposed in the PPP scenarios affect the academic mission of the Faculty and should proceed only if formally endorsed by the Faculty;

WHEREAS the Faculty of Arts Council resolved last April “that the Faculty of Arts does not endorse the clustering of core administrative and support staff and/or their removal from departments”;

WHEREAS the Dean intends to have the PPP in place by May 1st although he has yet to abide by the collective agreements of the affected workers;

WHEREAS the results of the PPP would remove administrative support staff from the Art History and Communication Studies Department to an “Administrative Support Centre” located on the first floor of the Arts Building where they will serve the needs of four departments at once;

Be It Resolved That the Art History and Communication Studies Graduate Students Association (AHCS-GSA) General Assembly calls on all members to aid our efforts to stop the PPP;

Be It Further Resolved That the AHCS-GSA GA approves a vote of nonconfidence in Dean Manfredi for his leadership around the PPP;

Be It Further Resolved That the AHCS-GSA GA members collect signatures from all of the affected departments supporting this motion;

Be It Further Resolved That the AHCS-GSA GA present this motion and the collected signatures at the Faculty of Arts meeting on April 22 and at the Senate meeting on April 23.

Unanimously adopted on April 2, 2014.

Endorsed by:

1. Alexandra White, Arts UG
2. Jewel Sed, Arts UG
3. Kristen Pye, Art History UG
4. Chaerin Kwon, Art History UG
5. Emily Wing, Art History UG
6. Ryan Kluftinger, Art History & Physics Depts
7. Louis Denizen, Art History UG
8. Ariella Racco, Faculty of Education, DISE
9. Claire Field, Arts U3
10. Elissa Brock, Arts 2014
11. Erin Mannard, Science U3
12. Marie-Maxime De Andrade, Arts U2
13. Julia Wilson, Arts U1
14. Daisy de Montjoye, Arts U2 (AHCS)
15. Hope Christerson, Arts U1 (AHCS + DLLF)
16. Chloe Vadot, Arts U2
17. Lara Oundjran, Arts U4
18. Bruno Bertilotti Barreto, Arts
19. Victoria Bonwell, AH & History Depts
20. Chris Gismondi, AH & History Depts
21. Kris Millar, AH
22. Amanda Leibovitch, Management + AH
23. S. Chartets, UG
24. Matt Schultz, Music
25. Cosmo McQueen, History + Philosophy
26. Janizka Porria, Philosophy
27. Maxime Cuchet, Philosophy
28. Davide Mastracci, Poli Sci / History / Philosophy
29. Douglas Campbell, Philosophy, U3
30. William McLennan, Philosophy / Poli Sci, U4
31. Julia Atack, Poli Sci / History
32. N. Romano, Philosophy
33. V. Huang, Philosophy
34. Elissa Benjamin, Philosophy
35. Antoine Got, U3
36. Alice Feldman, U2
37. Chris Walton, U3
38. Nazmin Patel, U4
39. Madeleine Hicks, English, U1
40. Brian Cahana, Philosophy, U3
41. Mark Wilson, Philosophy / Poli Sci, U3
42. Tim McKee, Philosophy, U1
43. Kerza Ber Azouz, Philosophy / Poli Sci, U2
44. Matthew Miller, Jewish Studies, U2
45. Paula Fareau, English Lit
46. Elana Naynes, English Lit + Philosophy
47. Tim Sullivan, English Lit + Classics
48. Geoff Abbot, English Lit
49. Franiclin Chai, Arts – Lit & Can S
50. Berny Modak, English
51. Michael Peloquin, English
52. Mary-Francis Turk, English
53. Charlotte Dab, English
54. Andrew Morrill, English Lit
55. Jennifer Jesmar, English Lit
56. Kia Pouliot, Cultural Studies, U2
57. Matthew Sanza, Philosophy + Lit, U1
58. Danna Petersen-Deeprose, Lit, U3
59. Chris Webster, Lit, U3
60. Madelaine Hitching, Cultural Studies, U3
61. Amy Miller, English, U1
62. Kara Katon, English, Cultural Studies, U2
63. Janaki Pachapurkar, Cultural Studies, U1
64. Zi Jing Lu, Biology + English Lit
65. Hannah Rackow, English: Drama + IDS
66. Leonard Imbert, English: Drama + Hisp Studies
67. Jordan Moody, English: Cultural Studies + World Religions
68. Peter Daroust, Computer Science
69. Daniel Cinelli, Anatomy, Cell Biology, + Religious Studies
70. Bianca Waked, Philosophy
71. Michael Clarke, Education + English
72. Daniel Varon, English, U3
73. Geoffrey Wallace, History and Classics
74. Andrew Dial, History and Classics
75. Justin Irwin, History and Classics
76. Tyler Boote, History and Classics
77. Isabel Harvey, History and Classics
78. Matt Goerzen, Coms, MA
79. Frances Cullen, AH, PhD
80. Alessandro Delfanti, AHCS
81. Sophie Toupin, AHCS
82. Erandy Vegas, AHCS
83. Stephane Couture, AHCS
84. Danijela Zutic, AHCS
85. David Mitchell, AHCS
86. Abi Shapiro, AHCS
87. Shana Cooperson, AHCS
88. Jessica Mach, AHCS
89. Charmaine Nelson, AHCS
90. Tawny Anderson, AHCS
91. Paul Fontaine, AHCS
92. S. Andersen, AHCS
93. Elis Leroche, Lit, U3
94. Anne Pasek, AHCS GSA – Co-President Art History
95. Caroline Bem, McGill University
96. Tomasz Grusiecki, AHCS
97. Adrienne Hurley, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies
98. Nick Maturo, McGill (AHCS)
99. Anna Candido
100. Joseph Sannicandro, AHCS, AGSEM
101. Saelan Twerdy, Art History, McGill
102. Molly Sauter, AHCS PhD Student
103. Ali Karimi, AHCS
104. Ben Patrick Stidworthy-U3 History Student and AMUSE Exec
105. Nicole Aarssen – U2 Arts student
106. David C. Hensley, Associate Professor, Department of English
107. Emily Hanson, COMS student
108. Kathryn Moore, Department of English
109. Dylan Lamberti, McGill University
110. Hannah Smith-Drelich, McGill University
111. Kaitlyn Jardine-LaChapelle
112. Tyler Lawson, RA Department of English
113. Christy Frost English Honours Student
114. John Serrati
115. Jeffrey Weingarten
116. Amalia Slobogian (English Graduate Student, EGSA Member)
117. Mitchell C. Brown – Graduate Studies; Department of English
118. Dorothy Bray, Dept. of English
119. Matthew Rettino, BA Honours English
120. Michael Maw
121. Rory Williamson, Master’s student in the English Department
122. Dawn Cheung, English Literature
123. Alyssa Callan, McGill University English Department
124. Jia Yu Huang
125. Nancy Crowe
126. Elliot Montpellier, MA Islamic Studies
127. Harumi Osaki, Department of East Asian Studies
128. Brian Trehearne, Professor, Department of English
129. Alison Laywine, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
130. Jonathan Hagar U3 History and Art History
131. Eden Glasman, MA English
132. Anna January, AHCS
133. marianne stenbaek-eng
134. Eli MacLaren, English
135. Emily Hodgson, Faculty of Science
136. Ariel Buckley, English
137. andreas gadmer – MUNACA
138. Carmelo Milo, MUNACA/PSAC
139. Amelia Jones, AHCS
140. Genevieve Zimantas, BA Honours English Literature
141. Ozlem Mavis, BA
142. Shaina Agbayani, SSMU Equity Commissioner
144. Scott Leydon, English
145. Jessica Rozon, B.A. Candidate 2014, McGill University
146. Jaeyeol Lee, East Asian Studies
147. Cayley Sorochan, PhD candidate, Communication Studies
148. Carol Fraser, BA ’13, Former VP Clubs & Services (SSMU)
149. Nicholle Savoie
150. Cassandra Cotton, Dept. of Sociology
151. James Falconer, PhD Candidate, Sociology
152. Alex Mochnacki, Sociology
153. Alissa Mazar McGill
154. Hadi Karsoho, Sociology
155. Sam Faustmann, McGill
156. Amm Quamruzzaman, Sociology, McGill
157. Jamie Woods – Sociology
158. Nichoas Otis
159. Alina Geampana Sociology, McGill University
160. Jodie Beck – East Asian Studies
161. Amanda Hosek
162. Edward Lee, Doctoral Candidate, McGill University
163. Anne-Elise Keen (anthropology)
164. Fadia Bahgat, Institute of Islamic Studies
165. Carrera G – Islamic Studies
166. Vanessa Bassal
167. Bariza Umar, IIS
168. Kathryn Kalemkerian, Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill
169. Ilju Kim, Sociology
170. Leila El-Murr, Institute of Islamic Studies
171. Diego Sandoval
172. Noemi Stern – Student
173. Gianluca Schrankel
174. Fernanda Soler Urzúa, PhD student, Department of Integrated Studies in Education
175. Pooja Sen, MA Art History
176. Juliette Allen, McGill student
177. Francesca Buxton, BA 2012
178. Chris Gismondi: student
179. Tyler Lawson, RA in English
180. Catherine Nygren
181. Kaitlyn Pinder – PhD Candidate, English
182. Elisha Conway, Department of English
183. Adamantia Apostolakis
184. Jade Se, Student
185. Sophie Mishara, Student
186. Hannah Tabbal, student
187. Ozlem Mavis
188. Matthew Prior
189. Charlotte Dab
190. Alexandra Appino-Tabone, Faculty of Arts undergraduate student
191. Casey McCormick, Department of English
192. Benjamin S W Barootes, Dept of English
193. Sam Cooper, English Department
194. Anna Lewton-Brain, Department of English, Doctoral Candidate
195. Charlotte Boatner-Doane
196. Gregory Phipps, Department of English
197. Liam Olson-Mayes, McGill, MA in AHCS
198. M. Paul
199. Leslie Cheung, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology
200. Madeleine Henderson, McGill University, Sociology
201. Derek Nystrom, Associate Professor of English
202. Hubert Alain, MA, AHCS
203. Erin Hurley
204. Emma Gerlach, English
205. Brendan Lewis, ARTS U3
206. Nadia Kurd, McGill University, Dept of AHCS
207. Fiona Hartmann
208. Jane Shanjie Hu; graduate student; McGill University
209. David-Dillon Wang
210. Sabrina Aguzzi
211. Nathaniel Laywine
212. Maureen Coote – AHCS

Delivered at 3pm on April 22, 2014.


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