Call to action

Dear colleagues,

We are contacting you because you have expressed opposition to the PPP in recent months. The town hall meeting of January 14th revealed ongoing and intense concern over the lack of transparency and responsiveness on the part of Dean to the criticisms that have been put forward against the restructuring plan. A number of interesting ideas of how we might contest the PPP were brought forward. This letter calls for your commitment to participate in collective action to stop the PPP.

Opposition to the PPP has been expressed in multiple venues since its inception in spring 2013. We respect and appreciate the work that so many people have already committed to defending our departments against the PPP, including the motions passed by student and faculty associations, the petitions and letters drafted, the alternative plans developed by the chairs, and the statements written and circulated in the campus media. Through these actions we have begun to get our message out about the problems with the plan, but we have to continue to increase the pressure. The time has come to express not only the content of our opposition to the plan but the strength of our opposition. And we are only as strong as the collective actions we take, both within our departments and between them.

If we wish to build a strong and effective campaign against the PPP internal communication and coordinated action amongst all of the stakeholders are of paramount importance. The goal of this meeting is to build a broad coalition of faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students from as many of the 13 departments implicated under the PPP as possible. To ensure that our collective actions adequately represent this diversity we aim to include participants from at least five of the implicated departments and a roughly equal proportion of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students at this meeting.

A number of potential action-ideas have already been raised. These include art actions, a short educational video, discussions of the PPP during classes, presenting the issue at the senate meeting, occupying departments or libraries, and raising awareness about the alternative restructuring plans that have been proposed. These actions need to be broken down into discrete tasks and commitments need to be made.

To help move this campaign forward, join us on Tuesday, Feb. 11th, from 11:30-1pm in Arts B-22 (across from Subway).

In solidarity,

Support Our Staff-McGill

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